La Vie invisible

Thierry has been blind for almost forty years. An amateur actor, he reconstructs the memory of a show that moved him, but for which he remembers neither the title nor the names of the characters. A theatrical experiment in perception, memory and self-construction.

To write this play, which questions the place of images in our perception of reality, Lorraine de Sagazan and author Guillaume Poix collected testimonies from blind and partially-sighted people, with the aim of revealing their relationship with memory and fiction. Starting out as an investigation into perception, La Vie invisible turns into a meditation on the notion of point of view, underpinned by the experience of a blind person.


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Press reviews

As with Ibsen, Chekhov and Norén, authors she is particularly fond of, the director uses theater here in its capacity to represent reality while giving access to hidden worlds. In a simple, uncluttered staging, where the changes of enunciation (…) are fluid, a touching and original show develops, where illusion happily rubs shoulders with the greatest theatricality.

Eric Demey, La Terrasse

Guillaume Poix’s subtle writing weaves together reality and fiction to the point of total dissolution. Better still, he expands the realm of possibility with this dual material (Thierry’s bioraphy and theatrical invention).

Nadja Pobel, Théâtre(s)

In La Vie invisible, a brief, stripped-down form, a psychomagical act is played out, whose emotional charge, dubbed by Pergolesi’s Stabat mater dolorosa, explores the before and after, the below and beyond of a life’s drama (…). Thierry’s intimate words are more than just an effect of reality in the theatrical present, for by revealing his shadowy side, they unfold, as if as far as the eye can see, their immense consoling power, which affirms: veni, vidi, vixi: I came, I saw, I lived.

Matthias Daval, I/O Gazette

In La Vie invisible, there’s mystery, suspense, tragedy, humor, love, deep suffering, and above all, a moral strength in Thierry Sabatier that radiates and gives him a magnificent presence.

Armelle Héliot, lejournaldarmellehé


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