La Poupée barbue

La Poupée barbue is the sequel to À la guerre comme à la Gameboy, which gave Boy Killer, a child soldier, a voice.In a deserted camp, when the war has just ended, he tells his story to an unconscious young girl lying in the grass. In this new text, she recounts her escape, her rape, her hatred, the war and her budding love for Boy Killer.
In five chapters, using childlike, deceptively naive language imbued with modest emotions, the reader and soon the spectator walk with this child into horror.

“La Poupée Barbue* was the play that most moved me when I read the thirteen texts submitted for the RFI Prize. There was no doubt that we were in the presence of an author. I can’t wait to seek out the stage, to put into voice and space, to delve into the first sensations of the play and to let an audience discover the story of this little girl soldier for the first time. “
Lorraine de Sagazan


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